Who We Are

Al-Ber and Al-Ihsan Charitable Society (BICS) is a non-profit, social, health, social, charitable, and scientific association licensed by the Ministry of Social Affairs under the Declaration No. 1095 in 2012 and its name is included in the list of associations permitted to deal with international organizations, and its activities cover the governorate of Aleppo and the rest of the Syrian Arab region.


The Association's Objectives:

1. Taking care of poor families and needy science students.

2. Taking care of orphans and the homeless and creating a role that takes care of their affairs.

3. Taking care of the handicapped and those with special needs and creating a role to take care of their affairs.

4. Carrying out charitable projects such as the water of the Sabil, breakfast and sacrifice banquets, marriage of singles, good credit to the needy, receiving surplus medicines, food, used furniture and clothes and distributing them to the needy.

5. Creating centers for counseling and social awareness.

6. Creating charitable clinics and health centers to treat the poor and needy.

7. Creating vocational and craft training centers for males and females and providing suitable job opportunities for them after their literacy.

8. Encouraging science students and researchers in the field of educational and Arab studies and holding scientific competitions for them.


The association does not interfere in political matters, as its work is purely humanitarian, regardless of religious beliefs.


The association started its work on 2/1/2013, and due to the difficult conditions that the country was going through at the time, where the board of directors decided to start working in many humanitarian fields to alleviate the suffering of the poor and needy.


Association activities:

In the health field: The association provides primary and secondary health care to patients in need, including inspections, operations, analyzes, imaging, medicines, and so on, through the Al-Ber and Al-Ihsan Medical Center in the Al-Shahba neighborhood, then in the Jaberiya neighborhood, in cooperation with some hospitals, health centers and related associations. The association also carries out health projects to support and provide primary health care services to vulnerable groups and the displaced in newly accessible areas in the countryside of Aleppo.

In the development field: The association educates, rehabilitates and trains female widows, orphans, divorced women, missing husbands and breadwinners in the profession of sewing and detailing within the vocational and craft training project through the implementation of training courses that qualify trainees to practice this profession and financially support themselves and their families and reducing unemployment among them.

In the relief field: The association provides relief aid in terms of food and non-food items to the affected, displaced and returnees through three relief centers of the association in New Aleppo, Hamdaniya and Bab al-Nayrab, in addition to providing hot meals to them through the association's kitchen.

In the social field: The association provides cash and in-kind benefits to the families of orphans, widows, the handicapped and the needy on a monthly basis, in addition to providing social awareness on topics of importance to some community groups while seeking to eradicate their illiteracy in coordination with the concerned authorities.

In the field of water and sanitation: the association digs and equips wells in the city of Aleppo and continues to sterilize them, in addition to providing vital centers with public services with drinking water (such as schools, shelters, the elderly and orphans) through a cistern designated for this in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

In the scientific field: The association provides in-kind assistance, cash and small loans to needy students in various stages of education (especially university students) to encourage them to pursue their education to become effective agents in the development and development of their country.


The association has other activities through charitable projects in the community, thus reducing the unemployment rate, in the field of livelihoods, housing, good credit, sacrifice and marriage for bachelors.




•        The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

•        Province of Aleppo

Board of Directors